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Dynatect's longest precision ground ballscrew yet .. 3.5"od x 54 feet long (made up of only 2 merged shafts)


Dynatect's LSI brand designs and manufactures precision ground ball screws assemblies, whirled products, and custom solutions to meet your specifications all to ANSI Class 2 or DIN/JIS Class 1 specification in their ISO9001-2008 certified manufacturing facility. Your recirculating ball screw assembly will be configured with the options you specify and can be further customized for a complete turn-key solution that is quick and easy to install, saving you time and money.


Ball Screw Products & Services:

  • OEM and replacement custom ball screws

  • Precision ground ball screws

  • Whirled ball screws

  • Notable features: Sizes 0.75" - 6.0" OD; High Precision; long screw length capability; customize design to minimize backlash and eliminate deadband; internal ball race returns; and more ...

  • Dynatect does NOT manufacture acme or lead screws but they have the ability to repair them, or replace them with a ball screw design.

Full service Ball Screw Repair:

  • Repair of nearly all brands of ball screws

  • Warranted (one year) and temporary (non-warranted) repair options

  • Regrind & Ball Nut Replacement

  • Replacement from existing part, prints, or reverse engineering

  • Repair of lead screws and acme screws (including non-Dynatect brands)

  • Replacement of lead or acme screws with precision ball screw

EPSCO Territory:

What We Can Do:

  • Review your application

  • Provide technical assistance and product advice

  • Show samples based on possible product approaches

  • Retrieve further application details required for a quote

  • Visit your facility, no charge


We are your local


technical sales and

customer service contact!

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