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Engineered Products Sales Company (EPSCO) is an independent sales representative organization representing complementary, non-competitive companies in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada with the primary goal to help customer’s solve their problems by offering quality, cost-effective solutions. We pride ourselves in building long term relationships with our customers. This allows us to be most familiar with their needs and problem solving objectives. EPSCO works with everyone ... end-user one-offs, machine tool rebuilders, system-integrators, engineering consultants, distributors, import/exporters and OEMs, to name a few. There is no application too small and our sales services are free. 


EPSCO has been a manufacturers' representative organization for over fifty years. Founded in 1961 by Al Raboff, EPSCO was established as a Southern California solutions provider for the products it represented. Those were the days of rotary phones, hand-drawn designs on carbon paper, mailing proposals and waiting for quotes to be mailed back. In 1980, Forrest Venz joined the organization and shortly thereafter purchased it from Al, who retired to follow his woodworking passion of toymaking. Forrest continued on EPSCO's reputation of solving area customer's problems. These were the days of computers with 10mb hard drives, fax machines and cell phones the size of briefcases. In 1992, Forrest was joined by his son Erik. This was the advent of email, websites and the digitization of data in the business world. In 2007, EPSCO expanded into Arizona and southern Nevada primarily with their Dynatect product line. In the summer of 2014, Forrest retired after a long, successful career. Erik took over with the intent to keep alive the tradition established by Al and Forrest.


EPSCO prides itself in the manufacturers it represents, all of whom provide quality product solutions. We have represented Dynatect Manufacturing (formerly known as A &A Manufacturing Co.), which consists of 6 divisions; Kine-Spin (formerly known as Barrett Centrifugals) and Interlube for over 25 years; Dimplex Koolant Koolers for close to ten years. Currently, EPSCO is a three 'man' organization with Brenda Zimmer as our office administrator, Alena Dumas handling inside sales duties and Erik Venz handling outside sales. Much has changed in the world since 1961, including technology and the markets within the region, but not EPSCO's vision.


Erik Venz joined EPSCO in September 1992. After having graduated from University of California San Diego with a degree in Animal Physiology & Neuroscience, he started working at EPSCO as a source of income while researching medical schools as well as careers in medical sales. He didn't get too far as he found he enjoyed the life of a sales representative and providing solutions for a wide variety of customer applications. With every application being fresh and new, he never looked back. Erik is married and lives vicariously through his two boys and their diverse interests. In his free time, Erik enjoys pursuing his extracurricular passion of karate with his boys where he is a 2nd degree black belt in the art of Tang Soo Do.


Contact Me: | (949) 340-5431 | LinkedIn for Erik 

Brenda Zimmer joined EPSCO in June 2015 as their office administrator and customer service representative. In this digital age, there is a lot of information that needs to be processed and filed away and she does a terrific job keeping us on track as well as helping customers. She graduated with a BA in Sociology from CSUF and is married with a son in college and a daughter in her junior year of high school. Now that her kids are more independent she stays busy with her two dogs, scrapbooking, cooking and practicing the martial art of Tang Soo Do. That is where she met Erik and out-ranks him as a high-level 2nd-degree black belt.


Contact Me: | (949) 309-2857 | LinkedIn for Brenda


Alena Dumas comes to EPSCO with over 10 years of engineering experience from several manufacturing companies. She was born and raised in Southern California, and received a Chemical Engineering degree from CSULB. She’s worked with semiconductors as an Applications Engineer, wheel manufacturing as a Finishing Engineer, adhesive manufacturing as a Process Quality Engineering and in foods as an Analytical Chemist. Her various talents bring much experience as she is excited to help Erik grow EPSCO in the right direction. Alena is married and has two high school boys who keep her quite occupied. She enjoys the outdoors as her hobbies include jogging, hiking, and swimming. Both her boys are Boy Scouts. In the near future, their goal is to be Eagle scouts. Alena and her boys also hold a black belt degree in karate.


Contact Me: | (626) 765-3566 | LinkedIn for Alena 

Forrest Venz (ret.) joined EPSCO in summer of 1980. Forrest graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin, Madison. A Northern Wisconsin native, he jumped at the chance to move to warmer California when offered the position of Western Sales Manager for Marathon Electric where he worked for 10 years. Even though highly successful, he always had wanted to work for himself. When the opportunity to join EPSCO arose, he jumped for it. Shortly after, he purchased it from Al and for 30 years thereafter, ran a reputable, successful rep agency. He retired in the summer of 2014. Forrest now enjoys traveling, spending time with his grandchildren and his passion, wood-working.


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