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"People love to buy but hate to be sold." So true. As sales reps we are here to connect you with the right product or service. In our business, sales is not about convincing you to buy but rather connecting, listening and advising. It's referred to as 'consultative sales'. We're here to solve a problem. And if we feel the products we represent are not in your best interest, we will tell you so and if we can, offer an alternative solution. 


The manufacturers we represent are based far from our territory. We are their eyes and ears, here to make sure they have all the information needed to properly specify a solution to your requirement


We work with everyone ... end-user one-offs, machine tool rebuilders, system-integrators, engineering consultants, distributors, import/exporters and OEMs, to name a few. No application is too small and our sales services are free. We're here for you!


APPLICATION REVIEW - Technical and Sales Support

  • We are the exclusive, certified and trained sales force for the principal in question.

  • We can discuss your application and help identify the most efficient and cost effective solution. With decades of application experience, we're here to review and advise. If we don't have the answers, we know who to ask.

  • We have years of records and experiences from which we can pull.

  • We provide hands-on support. No matter the size of the application, we are available to visit your facility and review your requirement.

  • We have samples, literature and/or presentations to show and explain what our principals have to offer.

  • We have the tools to provide our principal's engineers and sales team the technical drawings and specifications of the application.

  • We can review quotations received with you and make sure they match the application requirements.

ORDER PROCESS - Customer Service Support


  • If copied on the order, we can ensure that your orders are processed properly and expeditiously.

  • We know who to work with at the principal to check on order status, modifying orders, expediting, tracking, routing, etc.

  • We have our own database of records, part and order history, against which to refer

  • We are your advocate!

​AFTER ORDER - Our support doesn't just end after order

  • ​While we don't offer install services, we might have somebody to recommend.

  • We are available to be present during install or start-up or just to come in and review the product ordered.

  • Sometimes there are issues, whether under warranty or not. You are not alone. We're here to help resolve.

  • We are your advocate.

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