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World Class Quality, Easy to Install and Smooth Operating Roll-up Door

In 2000 the Gortite Roll-up Door Brand was introduced to the market. Roll-up doors (RUD) are used as an alternate to swing-out doors. RUDs prevent damage usually associated with swing-outs; personnel can stand closer to vehicles; and with the low profile spring-loaded take-up, it can provide a full compartment view with easy access. When Dynatect introduced their RUD product line, they based their product design on decades of experience manufacturing shade roller covers for harsh industrial machine tool environments. What resulted was a design that was an improvement to what was offered already. The Dynatect difference?


  • Quick and easy installation

  • Great-looking, durable & light-weight

  • Made of strong, double-sided aluminum extrusions

  • Rib design minimizes equipment hang-ups

  • Smooth, satin anodized aluminum finish or custom painted finishes

  • 3-inch diameter take-up roller minimizes header height and maximizes compartment space

  • Quiet operation - idler roller dampens noise and vibration

  • Available with a full complement of options and accessories (LED lights, auto door locks, door ajar switches and more).

  • Easier to retrofit in the field

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Largest sales rep and technical support network nationwide

  • Best warranty in the industry! Lifetime warranty on take-up roller. Three year warranty on doors, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship from date of shipment. Painted door finish is warranted for five years from peeling or blistering. (Note, damage due to accidents or external causes are not warranted.)

EPSCO Territory:

What We Can Do:

  • Review your application

  • Provide technical assistance and product advice

  • Show samples based on possible product approaches

  • Retrieve further application details required for a quote

  • Visit your facility, no charge


We are your local


technical sales and

customer service contact!

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