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Interlube lubrication products span an extremely wide range of industrial applications, handling fluid grease, food-grade grease, standard grease and oil. Some of these applications include food processing equipment, machine tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery, and industrial wood-working machinery. Today Interlube products are exported throughout the world, and Interlube has representation in more than 30 countries. Interlube is recognized as being an innovator and leading supplier of automatic lubrication systems.

The automatic multi-line AX Range provides centralized lubrication at a fraction of the cost of conventional grease systems. They are constructed of waterproof and corrosion resistant materials, making them ideal for all types of industry and can be used on applications with up to 60 points where a multi-line system can be installed.

The AX Range are self contained, automatic, electrically driven pump units, available with a maximum of 60 outlets in a choice of 110 or 240 volt rating. Larger models for special applications can also be supplied. Integral pumping units deliver a precise volume of lubricant to each bearing feed line and in the event of accidental damage to one line the remaining lines are unaffected.

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The Lubeplus GX is ideally suited to mechanical applications and plant used in the food processing, packaging and printing industries. Can accommodate systems with up to 200 lubrication points.

Lubeplus GX is designed to operate with a positive displacement unit (PDU) or with metering flow unit systems. The lubricator is available with a wide combination of condition monitoring features and a choice of 'with' or 'without' microprocessor control.

  • Gear Pump operation

  • Max. operating pressure 25 bar

  • Can use Oil or fluid grease

  • Available in 3 or 6 litre reservoirs.

  • Supply voltages 110v or 240

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What We Can Do:

  • Review your application

  • Provide technical assistance and product advice

  • Show samples based on possible product approaches

  • Retrieve further application details required for a quote

  • Visit your facility, no charge


We locally distribute

Timken Interlube

In addition, they have a wide range of installation accessories to complement the Interlube product line including (but not limited to):

  • Grease-filled nylon tube

  • Bearing connections

  • Anchor blocks

  • Brush applicators

  • Injector Manifolds

  • Metric and NPT!

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