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Historic experts in Miniature Ball Screws,
MPS offers innovative micro-precision

customized solutions!

Miniature Precision Linear Bearings

Miniature Precision Ball Screws

Miniature Precision Ball Bushing

With over 70 years of experience in the field of high-precision microsystems,

MPS is a solutions provider.


Not only does MPS supply a standard line of

miniature precision linear bearings, miniature precision ball bushings and miniature precision ball screws shown below (all of which you can shop online): 

MPS develops and manufactures high precision, high performance and low friction electro-mechanical microsystems that utilize these components for their customers. 


Thanks to the reliability, quality and precision of their ball bearings, MPS has quickly made a name for themselves in the fields of

EPSCO Territory:

What We Can Do:

  • Review your application

  • Provide technical assistance and product advice

  • Show samples based on possible product approaches

  • Retrieve further application details required for a quote

  • Visit your facility, no charge


We are your local

MPS Microsystems

technical sales and

customer service contact!

Constantly maintaining and developing their unique know-how in assembling microtechnical components is the pride of the specialists who work in their micro-assembly departments. Guaranteeing and certifying a high level of quality by putting in place stringent control procedures illustrates the authority of our quality assurance experts. They can assist in the design from the start or provide assistance for microsystems already designed that just aren't working the way they should.


The enthusiasm MPS puts into each new project reflects their passion

and they look forward to sharing that passion with YOU.

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